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Trove automatically finds you the credit cards that earn you the most rewards based on your unique spending habits.
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Personalized recommendations.
Trove does the math and only applies the rewards that you would be eligible for based on your unique spending.
Personal spending by category
No more reading nerdy blogs for your wallet.
Trove compares everything from annual fees to category bonuses across the top credit card programs so you don’t have to.
List of credit cards
What’s a mile vs a point? We convert to dollars earned.
No more comparing points to cash back to miles and trying to convert into dollars. Trove does the math and gives you the one number you really care about—dollars saved.
Comparison of savings between two credit cards
We've already earned people thousands of dollars
This was so easy, earned me $864 in credit card rewards!
Sarah C
Way better than reading blogs, saved me a ton of time.
David J
Wow, didn’t know finding a good credit card could be so easy!
Emily L
I love how it boils everything down into dollars. Hate dealing with points and miles.
Robin K
Found my new credit card on Trove, earned me an extra $795 in credit card rewards. Who doesn’t like more money?
Li O
I've been researching everywhere to find the right card for me. Trove gave me the perfect recommendation in minutes. Huge time saver!
Ashley L
Simple, fast, and easy. Found me a great credit card in minutes.
Tommy F
Glad it doesn't actually store any of my credit card information, much more secure!
Brian Y
Perfect for finding your first credit card!
Russell W
Super quick and easy!
Linda X
Will definitely be using Trove next time I need to find a new credit card!
Calvin L
Trove got me $1,244 more in credit card rewards!
Gary T

Bank level security

We use bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption and read-only access.

Frequently asked questions
Does Trove store my credit card information?
Trove never stores your credit card information. When connecting your bank account to Trove, it’s identical to logging into your bank’s website. We never see or store any of your banking credentials or financial information. We only ask for an email so you can revisit your recommendations at anytime.
How does Trove decide what cards to recommend?
Trove analyzes your personal spending habits and then compares across the top credit card programs to find the credit card that would’ve earned you the most rewards. We offer two recommendation modes: Simple and Optimal. Simple is for people who don’t want to deal with managing multiple cards. When Simple is selected, we find the single best card for your spending. Because Simple mode limits the recommendation to one card, the amount of rewards you may earn with that recommendation may be less than optimal. Optimal mode is for people who want to earn the maximum possible number of rewards. Optimal will find the ideal combination of cards to maximize your rewards.
How does Trove get my spending history?
Trove uses a service called Plaid to securely access your spending history. Plaid utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption (that’s bank level security) to access your spending history. We only get read access to your account which means we can never touch or transfer your funds.
How does Trove make money?
Trove is just a passion project right now. We created Trove because we were tired of spending hours reading through the fine print of credit card programs and trying to guess if the card was ideal for our spending. We appreciate you trying us out, feel free to reach out with feedback at [email protected].
Will Trove affect my credit score?
No, Trove will not affect your credit score. At no time does Trove trigger a credit inquiry or take any action that may affect your credit score.

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